Friday, 19 December 2014

Light Box, a great way to showcase your images or posters

Mira Light Box is an excellent display product to create visual communication. This can highlight your graphics and posters. When the market is slow and the competition is high, to stand out the competition you need some effective display material to promote your brand which does not burst your pocket. These are very light weight and versatile and suit all business type.

Our economical slim light boxes are popularly used at restaurants, cafes, hotels and bars to display menus and specials. When you need to change the menus, you can change the graphics or posters in few seconds. These are used Doctors' office, real estates, architects, interior designers and offices to display the images and important information. These are widely used at retail stores, salons, barber shops, gyms, departmental stores, shopping centers, malls, chemist shops and showrooms to grab the attention of the passerby and to achieve the fast turnaround. 

Budget friendly custom light box is highly effective tool for indoor or outdoor marketing. These are unique display items for cinemas, sports stadiums, trade shows and exhibitions, where you can display your graphics and posters to inform the people about your brand and drag the potential customers to your business area. These lockable light boxes can be installed to showcase your brand and to create a strong identity of your products and services in the minds of the visitors in heavy traffic areas.

The great feature of these light boxes is easy change of graphics and posters. When you need to change the image or poster it takes few minutes, the clips behind the frame allow you to change the graphics and require no tool or expert person. The hanging clips at the back side allow easy installation. These can be mounted on walls. The high quality light box is very slim and suit to those who are constraint of space because these slim light boxes cover no floor area and are better displays compared to floor standing displays. It saves your floor area and delivers your business message in a powerful way.

We have large range of light boxes. Our affordable Acrylic Slim Lightbox is best item for indoor advertising. These are made of acrylic and led lights are used to light its edges. There are four screws to hold the two panels. The frame of Acrylic light box is 9mm thick and can be easily mounted on the wall. These are available in A0A1A2, A3, A4 size. It includes a electric chord for power supply.

The Led lights used in our Snap Frame Led Light box consumes less power compared to the traditional lights. These reduce your power bill and create a strong visual impact of your brand. These are best to display your poster, signs or images in an attractive way for powerful communication. These are very thin and their sleek look suits to any decor. These are available in A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 Size. This can be mounted on the wall in portrait or landscape orientation according to your posters or images.

Cost effective Led Light boxes  are elegant and streamlined item to enhance your sales. The frame of light boxes are made of aluminium and come in black matte finish. These are highly versatile and you can easily change the graphics. The magnetic locks in the back side of the Led light boxes provide security to the images or posters. These are available in A0, A1, A2,A3, A4 Size to meet your business requirement.

Mira Displays is leading supplier of light boxes. We have expert team of designers or you can upload your own artwork or photographs. We print on wide digital printing press to give high resolution graphics for great visibility and powerful communication. We give discounted price on volume orders. You write an email to us or just give us a phone call; our friendly staff will contact you soon. We can courier the light box anywhere in Australia. We care for our client’s money and time. We have special discounts on our few display products till 24th Dec 2014.